El Sounds Festival Details

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We’ve taken a break from our regularly scheduled program this week (Don’t worry. Our next single from The Cell Phones drops next week. Spoiler: It’s rad as hell). Anyway, here’s hoping this isn’t the first time you’ve heard about El Sounds Fest. But just in case you’re still unclear on all the details, we thought it’d be best to fill you in.

El Sounds Fest is collaboration of a number of excellent online Chicago music publications including Chicago Singles Club, Notes and Bolts, Local Loop, Midwest Action, Frontier Psychiatrist and us. All of us have one collective goal: to promote the amazing sounds coming from the Chicago local music scene. The idea for a festival was originally hatched by the incredibly hardworking Kerri Hacker of Chicago Singles Club, and it totally made sense to band together to throw an incredibly fun festival with some of our favorite Chicago acts. This will not only help our goal of promoting Chicago’s local music scene, but to celebrate it as well.

Thus, El Sounds Festival was born, and it’s already caught the attention of quite a few. See for yourself at: The Chicago Reader, Chicago Innerview and DNAInfo.com.

Finally, we’re also proud to announce that the Loud Loop Press Digital Pop-Up Shop will be in full swing during the festival this weekend. What’s the digital pop-up shop, you ask? Pretty simple: We will be stationed at Cole’s selling digital download copies of albums from El Sounds artists and bands. To reward you for your generous support (and astounding taste), each purchase is accompanied by a delicious beer. So come to Cole’s, support these awesome bands, and have a drink on us!

El Sounds Fest kicks off at on Saturday, August 23, and Sunday, August 24, at Cole’s Bar, 2338 N. Milwaukee Ave. Additionally, there will be staggered electronic/acoustic sets at Café Mustache, 2313 N. Milwaukee Ave., on Saturday, August 23, meaning you can check them out without missing anything at Cole’s. And remember: El Sounds Festival is completely free! The lineup is as follows:

Saturday, August 23

Cole’s Bar:
Absolutely Not
Bleach Party
Evasive Backflip
Faux Paw (IN)
Temporary Pharaohs
Flesh panthers (solo set)

Cafe Mustache:
Kelsey Wild
Soul Low (MKE)
Lousy Trouts (MKE)

Sunday, August 24

Cole’s Bar:
Cochise Soulstar
Le Tour
Mr. Ma’am
Strawberry Jacuzzi

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