Humans find comfort in the strangest things. It could be a warm cup of tea or a loved one’s tender embrace. In this case, Chicago dream pop duo Tiny Fireflies transformed a four-song EP into a nice warm blanket on a cold winter’s day. From the moment Change pumps out of your stereo you know that you’ve retreated into a safe, cozy spot that is all your own. And it’s a great feeling.

Album opener “Your Love” begins with a gentle drum beat that hits the ear drum as lightly as feet pounding against shag carpeting. The melodies are sugary sweet and cute in all the right spots. Singer Kristine Capua floats by as if passing on some sort of musical cloud. Her sweet, child-like voice melts your heart with each repeated refrain of “Your love is extraordinary.”

Lead single “So Sad to Say Goodbye” is much more upbeat with a joyful lingering guitar (provided by Lisle Mitnik) played over a quick and steady backbeat. As the synthesizers rush in, suddenly I’m reminded of the best pop parts of The Cure and My Bloody Valentine.

Closing track “We Made a Pact” takes us back to that old familiar spot as Capua’s ethereal vocals brush past us like a gentle breeze. The synths give the song an older, 80s dance pop feel, while jangly guitar chords waft in and out providing just enough melancholy. It’s as dreamy as dream pop gets.

The only disappointing aspect of Change is that the experience is over far too quickly. As fast as the EP wraps you in a warm embrace, it evaporates before your very eyes (or ears). However, the 16 minutes we spent together were as blissful as any whirlwind romance could hope to be. And maybe that’s all the world really needs.

Purchase Tiny Fireflies’ Change EP at its Bandcamp page or grab a physical copy at Little Treasure.

So Sad to Say Goodbye by Tiny Fireflies

9:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 10
Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western Ave.
21+. FREE with RSVP or $8.